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If I had a dollar for every conversation I had with people regarding how “they are not flexible” or how “yoga is not something they can explore,” I would be a gazillionaire! UGH! The reason for doing yoga is to GET flexible – and not necessarily to come to yoga with flexible capabilities.

For most of us, flexibility—in any form – is scary. I think social media freaks people out when they see people in these crazy pretzel poses or headstands. The yoga veteran started out like every other human starts anything in life. The truth is Yoga is about flexibility in the mind and body. It’s also about patience, surrendering and being comfortable with where you are.

Even with slight hesitations or debilitating anxieties—we have the remarkable ability to overcome the fear of stretching. It’s a practice that is as simple as it is life-changing.

I would like to walk you through some of the ways to dispel illogical fear and help you create a new, healthier, happier normal, while exploring our relationship to fear of stretching (the mind, not just the body.)

The definition of Flexible according to Wikipedia is: the quality of bending easily without breaking. The ability to be easily modified.

The practice of flexibility comes from just that…practice. I have learned in the past year that losing control is not only liberating, but it is also exactly what my heart needed. I was carrying so much anxiety and pressure that was unnecessary and constricting. The minute I knew my son was going to die, all control and power was given in surrender. The feeling of really letting go and letting GOD sounds so clique, but that is exactly what I did. I was flexible in my mind, my heart and my breath. I found peace in the bending and modification I made in acceptance of my circumstance.

All I can think about it using that new found power. I practice it daily. I lose the thought of guiding and driving and I just sit back and allow the universe to take hold of my manifestations and energy.

This same principle I used with my mind and heart in my grief can be applied in yoga and in meditation. Be still and allow the flexibility to guide you. Surrender to your movements and grow.

5 ways you can practice being flexible:

  1. Being silent. Try listening. I now take a breath between conversations with a true ear to the words that I hear. I pivot my thoughts but practicing not to take anything personal. Taking emotion out of conversations that don’t require personal investment.
  2. “You always have two choices: your commitment or your fear.”– Sammy Davis Jr.

You can choose to stay rigid or fearful of losing control or you can relish in a happy “go with the flow” no fear narrative.

  1. Keep track of your habits and reward yourself for being flexible to situations. The best way to know when you’re flexible is by identifying those moments. You can also find patterns in your behavior (a Bujo works good for this tracking).
  2. Allowing spontaneous adventures to find you. Create a vision board with outrageous adventures and manifest flexibility in your life.
  3. Read books on opening your mind and heart in sacred self care rituals. Meditation works. It saves lives (it saved mine.) Write your own meditations or use guided ones that help open your heart to stillness and acceptance.

Flexibility in movement, in emotions and with yourself can be challenging. But being powerful over those voices in your head, those places of self-doubt that create failure, is worth the slight discomfort of stepping outside that place.

Be the light,


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The Healthy Latina Lifestyle: Sacred Energy Detox

It wasn’t until mid-2017 that I begin to take notice of the deeply rooted rituals my grandmothers would take part in. I was always aware of the remedies and “dichos” my abuelas would tell me to take part in, but I never paid that much attention to the acts or power behind those cleansings.

After experiencing the loss of my son and living through it, followed by the release of two very close friendships (all in one year), I found myself in a dark, dark hole filled with anger, hurt, pain and anxiety. I honestly felt like I was experiencing post-partum depression (should have gone to get checked out) but I didn’t want to start a “pill” to cure something I didn’t want to accept. I come from a family of addicts and taking a “pill” was not an option for me. I felt helpless. One morning, I received a text from a coworker (closer than coworker – a friend) with a guided mediation attached. I opened it knowing she would not have sent me something I didn’t need or that was a waste of my time. I downloaded the app and laid in my bed to listen. What happened next changed my life.

The beautiful, damn near memorizing voice of Sarah Blondin took me in. The meditation was speaking to me. Every word was stated in the exact way that my heart was feeling. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was thinking that someone knew exactly how to explain how I was feeling at that very moment in my life. Desperate, sad, lonely and lost! #liveawake saved my life. I laid in awe of my eight-minute experience. My energy shifted! It was 5 am and I could not wait to jump out of bed and head to work. The entire 40 years of my life were validated! I had gone 40 years waiting for someone to tell me…I SEE YOU! I FEEL YOU, you are validated and LOVED in your victimhood and your righteousness!!! HALLELUJAH!

I know this sounds crazy but that’s how it happened! The spark of potential, just like that! I got out of bed and grabbed my sage stick and “smoked out.” I burned my smudge stick and prayed like it was my last prayer! As I burned my stick and prayed my way through my house I started to think…OMG! I am aligned in purpose and I want everyone I know to feel this “surrender” like I do. That was the birth of the Healthy Latina Lifestyle Experience Based workshops. Just like that, I started to write and read and meditate daily. I started to build my zen den and planned my first gathering of women to share “the secret.” The birth of the smudge stick workshop started!

Sounds simple? Or too New Age? Seriously! That’s how it happened! I come from a family of Aztec Indians with a flare of Chicano-ism. The thought of feathers, burning yerba and palo santo fascinates me! I was committed. My father was a patchouli oil-wearing hippie that got high on his own supply. I was his only daughter and knew that I was going to follow my heart and break a few on my way to my purpose (thanks for the loving affirmations, Daddy.) My workshops are just a glimpse of what I have learned and what I hope you experience. The best energy detox you can do is already in you. Dig Deep and practice. I See you!

My 5 helpful tips to help cleanse your Juju:

Note: This process is experience based. What works for me. You can’t do everything all at once or experience something overnight, sometimes the process is slow and purposely so.

  1. Start with your thinking. Notice what thoughts are consuming you and why. Notice where your mind is going and what words and emotions you are using in “sharing” or thinking. Are you telling your friends and family about your feelings and dreams? If you are, what tone are you using and what intentions are you setting by speaking what you are experiencing?
  2. Start being intentional with your breath. Think about it. Your breath is LIFE. How you use it is a true testament to how you are living. Close your eyes and think about your breath and how you are using it. Are you relaxed, anxious or heavy? Using your breath alone can change your life! The energy you project and the energy you attract can be guide just by your breath.
  3. Move and activate your body. The sloth part of me sucks! When I am lazy…I AM L-A-Z-Y! I mean slow mo! Think about your habits and your daily routine. Do you remember that game TAG? Well, that’s the elementary way of moving your energy and being nibble. If your moving and active, then nothing can stick to you. Keep things moving. Keep that bad JuJu off.
  4. Eliminate bad relationships that do not serve you. This is hard, I know. But there are BIG rewards in the act of surrender. It is a full-time job to change yourself. When you know you are around bad juju and relationships, it only adds to the burden of trying to cleanse your own space and life. Bad energy attracts bad energy and nobody wants or needs that. Keep toxic vibes away. Be honest with yourself and your intuition.
  5. Become aware! Practice your stillness and mindfulness. It took meditation for me to feel safe and free. Take note of the things that make you happy and the ones that put you down in the dumps. Track this and change the habits and learn to be mindful of what’s around you and consuming you. Good and bad. The more you know, the more power you have to change the energy you choose to turn away from.

If you are interested in hearing Sarah Blondin’s amazing meditations, download the Insight Timer app and hear some of her beautiful I SEE YOU mediations. It might be just the message you need to hear today.

Events, featured

Smudge Stick Event

“Smudging” is the word we use to describe the ritual act of spiritual cleansing, usually through the method of burning herbs and drawing the smoke over ourselves or in our home. In one form or another, smudging has been an act performed by cultures as a way to cleanse, prepare, and create sacred space. There are several plants commonly used in the practice of smudging, including white sage, sweet grass, palo santo wood, and mugwort.

Making your own smudge stick is fun and easy! We will provide locally harvested mugwort, as well as other fresh herbs and flowers to create this beautiful sacred tool.  She will show you the step-by-step process of making a smudge stick, tell you the plants’ stories, as well as the history of smudging.  A smudge ceremony will also be performed to help guide you.

Cost for this class is $30, which includes materials.  All you need to bring is your beautiful self.

Events, Inspiration

Self Care AF – Upcoming Self-care Workshops with V12 Yoga

Join me and all my zen love at our upcoming sacred self-care ritual workshops. Starting in February with sage healing bundles. Come heal the mind and take ownership of your energy. This is all experience-based healing practices. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Go to to hold your spot. See you in February!


Be the light,