Self Care AF – Upcoming Self-care Workshops with V12 Yoga

Join me and all my zen love at our upcoming sacred self-care ritual workshops. Starting in February with sage healing bundles. Come heal the mind and take ownership of your energy. This is all experience-based healing practices. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Go to v12yoga.com/schedule to hold your spot. See you in February!


Be the light,


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Smudge Stick Event

“Smudging” is the word we use to describe the ritual act of spiritual cleansing, usually through the method of burning herbs and drawing the smoke over ourselves or in our home. In one form or another, smudging has been an act performed by cultures as a way to cleanse, prepare, and create sacred space. There are several plants commonly used in the practice of smudging, including white sage, sweet grass, palo santo wood, and mugwort.

Making your own smudge stick is fun and easy! We will provide locally harvested mugwort, as well as other fresh herbs and flowers to create this beautiful sacred tool.  She will show you the step-by-step process of making a smudge stick, tell you the plants’ stories, as well as the history of smudging.  A smudge ceremony will also be performed to help guide you.

Cost for this class is $30, which includes materials.  All you need to bring is your beautiful self.